Our #1 goal on any project is safety. RTS has invested a significant amount of capitol in safety equipment and training. Since our employees are so valuable, we have continual safety training and drug and alcohol testing designed to keep not only our employees safe but also the customers we serve. All new employees are required to undergo a pre-employment drug and alcohol test. Upon passing they receive safety training, hazard communication training and agree to abide by all company safety requirements. All employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing as well as reasonable suspicion testing.

Safety is emphasized on all projects and we realize that no amount of time saved is worth an injury. Safety measures and possible hazards are discussed daily for each specific project. We have crews annually certified for the proper removal of asbestos roofing materials. Each job foreman's job equipment box, as well as every company vehicle carries Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our roofing products; they define the chemical composition, possible hazards, and treatment options should someone become exposed.

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