Wisconsin’s weather is a tremendously harsh environment for your roof. The extreme temperature fluctuations that we experience along with the ultraviolet rays from the sun wreak havoc on your roof. While some of our competitors and their roof systems manufactures make claims that their roof will last maintenance free forever, the truth of the matter is that in these extreme conditions there are no roofing systems currently manufactured that will last forever. Your existing membrane system (regardless of the type), metal panel or shingled roof system cannot withstand the constant expansion and contraction of our climate and over a period of time will develop problems. Just as maintenance is expected on your vehicle, your roof also requires regular maintenance to maintain its value and extend its life cycle. From leaks to more extensive maintenance issues RTS Roofing is there to help. We understand that no leak is minor and our maintenance crews are well trained in locating troublesome leaks and fixing the problem before further damage occurs. If major repair or roof replacement is necessary, an RTS estimator will visit your location and prepare a free estimate. In almost all cases, maintenance or replacement can be accomplished with no disruption to your work schedule.

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