Since your roof system protects all of your most valued assets, you as a building owner should always consider your roof system as one of your most important investments. Unfortunately however, we find that roofs are too often the most over looked and neglected part of the average building. Your roof is not the place to cut corners. Since we understand that most building owners are not roofing experts we will use our years of experience to help design the roof system solution that will meet or exceed all of your long term expectations.

Each roof area, large or small, will be treated with the same attention to detail. Not only will we closely examine your existing roof but we will also take into consideration what type of business you conduct inside. Different interior climates often determine what type of roof system should be installed for example; a freezer building’s roof would be designed much differently than a roof on a building containing a swimming pool. The evaluation of your roof’s drainage system, the proper r-value, the possible need for reflective versus non-reflective membranes, high traffic protection, the type of emissions that are exhausted onto your roof, are all factors that we will give careful consideration to when deciding which system will best meet all of your requirements.

When receiving quotes for your project, you may find that we’re not necessarily the lowest priced. Before you choose your contractor, please remember that RTS Roofing will always remain more focused on keeping your best interests in mind by designing and installing the highest quality, most cost effective roof systems available, not just the cheapest one.


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